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Welcome, fellow Shade! This wiki is about showcasing creativity! Therefore if you have some artwork or literature you would like to display, this is a great place to do it! Visit our Intro Guide to figure out how to make your page, then visit CreateProject to make your Project Page! Finally, visit The Archive to find out how to get your work onto the system! Have fun!

Our Staff Members here are SynergyShade3624, DragoNEX, and Emerilla.


Staff Anouncements

Heya! This wiki is about creativity! Im kind of an artist myself, so I'm looking forward to seeing this wiki grow. I'm one of those "not-so-strict" admins, so if you need help, just ask me on my Message Wall, as i'm always willing to lend a hand.

Oh, and I have made a new CreateProject Page, where you can choose which layout to use to display your work!

Notes to Staff Members:

Hey guys use your tab in this box to leave messages for the community, and for the other staff members.


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Notes to Staff Members:

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Notes to Staff Members:

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  • NO flaming (ex. posting a comment on someone's page saying things like "You are by far the worst writer I have ever seen! You don't belong to be here!")
  • Post original work, no plagiarism allowed. If you use someone else's work, give them credit(ex. if you got it from google images, SAY you got it from google images.)
  • No meat/sockpuppeting. (Sockpuppeting is abusing multiple accounts or creating a new account to evade a ban. Meatpuppeting is asking your friends to come on this wiki and support you)
  • Nothing here should be inappropriate for young children (i.e. If you have any doubts about a piece of work you are about to upload, dont upload it, ask the staff members first to approve content.)
  • Don't edit pages other people's pages without their permission.
  • NO SPAMMING OR TROLLING (Spamming:abusing emoticons in chat, repeating something multiple times to the point it's annoying. Trolling:constantly annoying people even when they ask you to stop)
  • NO VANDALISM (seriously, it's pointless. Anyone can revert the damage with two clicks of the mouse, so it's not worth the effort. All it does is annoy people, and guess what happens when you annoy people? You get banned, that's what.

Featured Archive Entry

Portfolio I:My Dragon Ideas


Check out all of my dragon concepts for the iOS game DragonVale!

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Quick Tips:

  • For fast navigation throught this wiki's main pages, use the Blue and Silver toolbar that is at the top of every page. It links to the Main Page, the Archive, the Chat regulations, the Chat room, and the Staff page.




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